The Type of Baby Shampoo that is Best for Your Baby

baby shampoo malaysia

Are you having a hard time choosing the most suitable baby shampoo Malaysia? This is understandable as you are picking something for someone who is quite vulnerable. You don’t want the slightest adversities to happen to your child as much as possible. 

It is actually just great that there are so many options when it comes to baby shampoos. That is right and this is why you have better chances of finding just the right product for your vulnerable baby. The following tips can also help pick a good choice and at the same time, warn you of some of the most common irritant ingredients for babies. Check this out:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

What is commonly called an SLS ingredient is quite common in shampoos. This is because this will help in the lathering effect and can also greatly contribute to removing dirt from the hair. However, this is not good for babies as this might be harmful to their lungs. So, make sure to watch out for this in the label. 

  • Alcohol

Yes, you should check the ingredient section of the product if it is not alcohol-based. Even pediatricians or dermatologists won’t suggest such type of baby shampoo as this can be harmful to your baby’s skin. This type might be good for adults, but definitely not for the young ones. There might be some type of alcohol ingredients though that might not really cause adversities to your child, still, it is best to be safe than sorry. 

  • Parabens

Most of the time, you will find parabens ingredients in beauty products like shampoos and so on. You need to know that such parabens as butyl, ethyl, methyl, and many others, are not good for your baby. There are possible adversities that might occur like premature puberty, rashes, and more. This might be good for the life of the products, but definitely, not for your baby. 

  • Carcinogenic ingredients

Carcinogenic ingredients are also part of what you should watch out for. You need to know what comprises this group so you will know what to avoid. Most of the time, you will also find these ingredients in shampoos and they are only good for adults who have a better immune system. 

  • Colorants

baby shampoo malaysia

For sure you notice that most beauty products these days come in attractive colors. They are designed that way so they can easily attract shoppers. Yes, colorants are good for the eyes, but not for your baby’s skin. Thus, it is best not to choose a baby shampoo with colors. You can also find one without any color and you should opt for that instead. 

When it comes to newborns or even older babies for that matter, one should be really careful as they are quite sensitive. It is not just their skin, but almost every part of their body can be easily irritated if you won’t watch out. This is why you should also make sure you will only shop from a baby-friendly store. 

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