The Importance of Sewer Systems and The Different Types

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Have you ever wondered, the water from your sink and bathroom, where did it go after that? After you flush the toilet and after you rinse your mouth, where did everything go? This is where the sewer system plays its role. If you are looking for a sewer pipe cleaning service in Malaysia, you should do so to ensure that your sewer system is working. There are many reasons why the sewer system exists and in this post, we will get to know why are they important and the different types of them. Kids especially, always wonder about little things like this, so without further ado, let’s find out the answer. 

Why is a Sewer System Important?

This is a question that should be answered because many people are wondering about its importance. You need to know that the sewer system is responsible for transferring all the wastewater from houses and by wastewater it means all the faeces and urines. This is why it is important and the cleanliness too should be preserved as there could be cases of contamination. This is because it could meddle with the drinking water supply and also the environment. Hence why we need to ensure that our sewage system is well-maintained and works properly.

Different Types of Sewage Systems

There are three main types of sewer or sewage systems that we should know. These systems can be applied to a household or to a business premise. These are the three main types of sewage systems:

  • Separate System

A separate sewage system consists of different sewers that are meant for different purposes. They are used for surface water and storm and also used for both industrial and domestic sewage. A separate sewage system is more likely to be more expensive than the others. This is because the water utilised is lesser for treatment. This kind of system is known to be pollution-free. 

  • Combined System

While this system is utilised to transmit stormwater and sanitary sewage, it is a lot easier to treat the wastewater. When it rains, the rainwater would be responsible to dilute the wastewater. The speed of water is known to be very fast and this is why flushing is not needed if this kind of system is applied.

  • Partially Separated System

This kind of system is very interesting as it combines both of the previously mentioned systems. Basically, it is a form of modification of a separate sewer system. 

It is a lot cheaper than the separate sewer system. Rainwater and water from both the kitchen and bathroom are transferred through the roof. A single pipe is used for this process. 


Taking Care Of Your Sewer

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Your sewer system is your responsibility. There are many unwanted consequences if you refuse to do so. There are precautions and things that you shouldn’t do to maintain your sewer’s cleanliness and performance. Items such as tissues, sanitary pads, condoms and wet wipes should never be flushed in the toilet. Clogging would happen and you wouldn’t want to bear the effects. Do remember to take care of your sewer by getting help from professionals if anything happens.