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Fast Internet Connection And Productivity: Does It Relate?

We all know how important it is to have a stable internet connection in our homes and offices. Not just our offices and homes, it is very important for us to have mobile data coverage everywhere we go, as everything we do is connected to our phones. From purchasing groceries to making bank transfers, we can do it all with just the touch of a few buttons on our phones thanks to technological advancements. We also have to agree that having a good internet connection helps us with our studies and working life. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic especially, since most people would have to work from home, they would need to have a stable internet connection so that they can carry out their tasks efficiently. High speed internet connection from Jom Apply 300mbps Unifi has provided users with the upper hand because we can all agree that fast internet would definitely make us work more efficiently. 

Stable Internet Connection vs Productivity 

The internet used to be something exciting and new to us, but now it has begun to revolve around our lives. For example, most of our work is now stored on cloud databases which we can access on our phones and computers via an internet connection. Now, the argument is, does having our lives revolve around the internet and social media affect our productivity? Some people would admit that the existence of the internet has made the world easier, and that is true. We can now do things more efficiently with the internet, and processes that were considered complex in the older ages are now considered simple thanks to technology. But some people would also argue that its accessibility makes us lazier to do things organically. 

Does The Internet Make Us Lazy?

As said, there are some people who believe that having so much access to the internet makes us too dependable on it. For example, there are times when we feel too lazy to switch on our lights. The technological innovation of Alexa or Siri has helped us make simple tasks even simpler by using our phones and the internet. Another example is food delivery services. We have to admit that these services are extremely beneficial, not just to consumers, but also towards people who need more flexible jobs. But on the other hand, sometimes we may make use of these services by using them when we are just too lazy to cook ourselves a meal or to walk out to buy some food.   


How Does The Internet Help Us Be More Productive? 

We do agree that the internet can help us be more productive, be it with our studies or with our work. It is crucial that we utilize the internet appropriately and not misuse it. An example of the misuse of the internet is by watching too many videos and doom-scrolling. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through shopping sites or social media, we can use the internet to be more productive. For instance, we can use the internet to research our favorite topics. Sites like Reddit are a good way to gain more insight and to have casual but intellectual debates with other people.
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Other than that, there are many productivity applications we can access with the internet to help us be more organized with our work. Using applications like Google Calendar to organize our schedules and plan out our day to day is a good option. Applications like Notion help us visualize our work processes by allowing us to organize and structure our work neatly, according to our own creativity.


Another productivity application we need to help with our work and studies is Pinterest. Pinterest is a mood board concept application that we can use to gain inspiration for our projects or work. For example, students can use Pinterest to search for inspiration on their college projects if they are low on ideas. Working adults can also use the application to look for inspiration on home DIY projects or even work-related projects. All of these applications can be accessed using a device and a stable internet connection. 

In conclusion, we know that the internet has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is important that we know our limits when it comes to the internet and how we use it in our daily lives, since it is so prominent in our daily lives.